Plan With Me: March 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

I was a bit late to the party when it came to buying and starting a bullet journal, but it’s helped me become a lot more organised (plus it’s so much fun to design)! I’m not particularly artsy, apart from when it comes to pixel art, so the titles and layouts have never been anything special because I just can’t get anything to look good. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, and I’ve recently started to make my pages look a tiny bit more exciting.


I like to make sure that everything I have in my journal is things that I will use and since I’m never overly busy, I prefer to keep a monthly spread instead of a weekly. I tried having a weekly spread and leaving a space for every day of the month, but most of the days were left empty and it felt like I was just wasting space. Doing it this way feels a lot more useful for me.

This is the generic template I use every month. It’s heavily inspired by a post I found on Bullet Journal Addict‘s website with a few tweaks to make it more suitable for me. I don’t usually add any images but I saw these bird doodles on Pinterest and thought they were too cute!


I love creating these mood trackers. I think they’re a nice thing to look at when the month ends. I usually just one for the entire year at the start of my journal but I thought I’d try something different this year so I’ve been doing them monthly instead.

This jigsaw design is based on a photo I found on Pinterest (honestly I could spend all day looking for inspiration on there).

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