How I Deal With Procrastination

Procrastinating is something I’m sure we all deal with at one point or another. Although I still struggle with it every now and again, I’ve learned some techniques that have helped me deal with and avoid procrastinating.


Work somewhere that’s not where you relax. Whether it’s in the library or coffee shop, find somewhere that suits you. It can be difficult to be motivated to work in an environment that your brain associates with relaxing.


Put your phone away and close all your Social Media tabs. If you study better with music, set up a playlist beforehand so you don’t waste time finding music when you’re trying to work. I’d recommend music that has no lyrics as I find them less distracting to listen to.


Working for long periods sounds like the best way to get your work done, but your brain will quickly get tired if you don’t take regular breaks. I find that the best method for me is to focus on my work for 25 minutes and take a five-minute break to stretch my legs, grab a drink, check my Social Media, or do whatever I need to do, before working for another 25 minutes.


Whenever you finish your task on time treat yourself to something nice. I usually grab a slice of cake on the way home from the library every time I finish my work. Find a treat that would motivate you!

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