Books That Should Be Made Into Movies

When two people read the same book, although the story is the same, the way they picture the characters and the events in their minds are different, which makes reading a book a unique experience to everyone. When I watch a film based on a book I think of it as another person’s experience of the book. Although it’s the same story. the characters might look different and the events might not play as I pictured them to, and I find that interesting. Here is a list of books that I think should be made into films.

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5 Myths About Introverts

There are a lot of myths about introverts that people believe to be true. Being an introvert myself, I’ve had people assume things about me and a lot of people have even told me they were put off talking to me for a while because they didn’t understand. I understand that a lot of this is just a lack of understanding so I thought I’d share some of the most common assumptions I’ve noticed and clear things up!

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3 Books You Should Read

George R.R. Martin said “a reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one” and that is exactly how I view reading. It’s a great escape from reality and a good way to deal with stress because I can just go live someone else’s life for a bit and forget about everything. I have a book buying addiction, though, so I always end up buying books faster than I can go through and read them all. I managed to knock three books off that pile last month since I was working less, travelling more and was left with some spare time to read. Here’s what I thought of them…

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How I Overcome Writer’s Block

How do I overcome writer’s block?” is not an easy question to answer because each experience is different and a solution that works one time may not work the next. Knowing different solutions that work for you is important in overcoming it, but it’s equally as important to know how NOT to overcome it. It took me a good few years to realise that I had been trying to get over writer’s block completely wrong. Although it makes sense at the time to procrastinate and wait until the inspiration to write comes to you, it’s not effective and there are much better ways to overcome it.

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Plan With Me: March 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

I was a bit late to the party when it came to buying and starting a bullet journal, but it’s helped me become a lot more organised (plus it’s so much fun to design)! I’m not particularly artsy, apart from when it comes to pixel art, so the titles and layouts have never been anything special because I just can’t get anything to look good. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, and I’ve recently started to make my pages look a tiny bit more exciting.

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