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America’s First Serial Killer – H. H. Holmes

I’ve recently decided to switch up my blog to focus on what I’m most passionate and interested in – true crime. It seems to make sense that I write about something I enjoy researching. As my first post, it made sense that I’d write about the first serial killer I heard of: the one that first sparked my interest in true crime – H. H. Holmes.

H. H. Holmes was an infamous serial killer and sometimes referred to as “The Beast of Chicago” and “America’s first serial killer”. He was active during the late 19th century and confessed to having committed 27 murders, although the police could confirm only 9 of the 27. His confessions were filled with inconsistencies and would be changed a lot, and many of the people who he claimed to have killed were still alive. Because of this, the actual number of murders he committed remains a mystery to this day.

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